Ice Flue Chapter 17

4 Nov

Ice Flue Chapter 17

   The door opened to their dark, cold, and empty office laboratory. Their other work associates hadn’t arrived for work yet. When Stan glanced to his right, Cheryl Chillingworth materialized; she worked at her laboratory desk station. A purple liquid rushed through a series of glass chambers. Her eyes glittered with delight when she caught Stan staring at her. “Before we go back to my condo, you’ll have to do some REAL work. Do you really think you can make a living tinkering with serums?” She smiled devilishly. A Frankenstein monster’s scar grew on her forehead. She eyed a sledgehammer. “It’s already set up. All you have to do is go next door and break their knees.” 

   A green door with a purple lightening bolt opened. Stan would have to crawl beneath the dusty practice skeletons to reach it.

   “After that, we’ll go back to my condo. I’ll give you your lunch. I know you’ve been hungry forever.” She lifted the sledgehammer with ease and offered it to Stan as if it were a holy article. 

   The green door opened and closed like a malfunctioning elevator, its purple lighting bolt chomping. Stan plunged forward under the practice skeletons, narrowing bypassing an excited tarantula leg clawing from a pelvis. 

   On 20 gurneys were strapped-down Dracun Lizards, their human-shaped knees thrust forward by steel rods covered in gauze. 

   Stan cracked all 40 knees, his mind clouded from inhaling the fuchsia fumes of Cheryl’s Blood Lust–that purple serum with which she’d been tinkering. 

   When Stan returned, Cheryl already had her motorcycle running and revving in the center of their office laboratory. “Hop on.” The back of her head contained the face of Elizabeth Dracula gasping for pleasure as they cruised down the waxed hallways of Ice Enterprises. 

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