Ice Flue Chapter 21

15 Nov

Ice Flue Chapter 21

   Heiferwaith received 99 lashings from the police officer. His soft pink back had been slashed in a nightmarish series of criss-crossings, a hellish map. Just before his 100th lashing, Heiferwaith did squeal.     

   It wasn’t a loud squeal—in fact, one could barely hear it beneath the blitzkrieg the Dracun Lizards had begun against the other Dracun Lizards (both sides wearing the same uniform), yet the squeal was somehow ear-piercing all the same. The squeal was insistently shrill; it could not be ignored even though one had to strain to hear it.

   Heiferwaith began a monologue which could not be heard since his scream continued to deafen like a looped echo.

   Diamonds from the police officers whip were scattered about encrusted in Heiferwaith’s blood. The police officer backed away , frozen animal tongues scantily covering her pubis and breasts.

   A Dracun Lizard cook emerged from the underground with a bubbling steel pot from which rosy-red lobsters, icy blue eels, and banana yellow barracudas leapt. He slipped on a pair of Dracun Lizard eyeballs and spilled the boiling water onto the nearly naked police officer.

   As the police officer’s fair skin melted and burned, Heifewaith crawled away, returning beside Stan, Elizabeth, and Arnie.

   “We have to vote to end World War 4 or we’ll be slaughtered,” Stan reasoned, batting away a flaming dragonfly.

   “I think we should stand our guard and fight. That would be a true rebellion, in the radical sense.” Arnie unrolled and engaged a Sliminator Hypercharge Sprayer from a fallen Dracun Lizard. “Who’s with me?”

   Crickets and spiders crawled through Elizabeth’s fiery red hair. “But let’s just stay and watch our children infest the world, Stan. Your flue and my blood: they made the glass baby. He’s ten times more beautiful than Godzilla. Isn’t he just perfect?” She held Stan’s hand delicately, but Heiferwaith ran between them, breaking the link.

   Heiferwaith sweat and gasped for breath. “Yes, it turns out we’re fully embroiled in World War 4. We all saw it coming, but the Dracun Lizards have finally risen up against the Dracun Lizards. It’s going to be a hellish journey across a hellish battlefield. Impossible probably. But I, for one, am going to risk it to vote to end this war. Who’s with me?”

   Nobody raised a hand.   

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