“Spoiled Promises in the Fridge”

2 Jan

“Spoiled Promises in the Fridge”

When nobody wrote.

“Give me a Sasquatch.”

My drool evades the bar,

a fiery drool

serpentine patterns.

I ask a disease to dance,

but she disappears in the jukebox.

My juicebox takes hold, full,

and delivers me to another planet

before my crime is discovered.

Let me borrow yours anymore,

my sister of the diving dolphins

calls to me anymore on rose bones

to pretend you have no one

to be someone new in an old town

we’re so sorry to inform you

forgiveness in shallow graves

turn around come alive,

to the stitching of guns

wash whistle wolf restraint

cough up the cuff links, spark your pants

the man from powder blue lives in your house

took over your old life now

spent the night coloring a new rash

the color of wounded starfish

however much I love you

while cutting holes through the dishes

the color of cornfield rain

mistletoes the color of buttercups

tumbling through the barley with you

the horse neighs, the collector calls:

you wore his ruby red slippers

to the masquerade ball

and all you did was dance

with a fortune teller’s crystal balls.

Haven’t you any pity?

Here’s a regret to call you late at night:

you: a half-chain of rattlesnake belt

rotten you purr, rototiller

to live scarecrow

the car that drove itself

down the wrong highway.

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