Patient Victim

4 Jan

“Patient Victim”

Somebody’s shoebox overflows

with warm milk.

Somebody’s warm milk

is discarded without prejudice,

but the garbage man rides

along the crooked fox fence posts.

Somebody’s warm lifeline

hovers above us

blistering a chronic

zero clue

hold my hand above the frozen waterfall

to cool clam your nerves

I called 500 doctors

leaving messages

cat’s paws, voodoo dolls,

bundles of sticks

dinner table folds to match books,

showrooms, unusual wigs and glitter

a murder took place in this very hotel

spiteful rays of sunshine

fish hooks, life elastic

ghosts bubbling in the frothy distance

ruse outweighs the southern stars

spitfire of the snake tattoo

and spilt ants

wrestle in a love-lorn toboggan

this smile leaks past

your frosty fingertips

we afford to stay a day behind

fork over your hunting knife

and all those beastly hearts.

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