“Moonlight Spoils Vermont”

19 Mar

“Moonlight Spoils Vermont”

There was something clean about the way you speared me,

something sacred of the blood

filtering through my gills

while my gull filled with hair pie meat

and wriggling newts

diseased dream teeth

scattering me away over crowns,

horizons, bleached princess terror tiaras

deadly vipers, scream kisses

I don’t believe in you

is contagious

as spilling milk, ghost sheets,

treacherous highways, wooded phantoms

dialing with too many gold rings,

lipstick on costume lapels,

cucumbers sliced to their blood gurgling,

glory through the future you

our future too, waving the grasslands

the palm sucking last right meal morsels

the dorsal fin

daffodils call your name

somewhere in the past

was all scattered spiders of a dream

and it wasn’t even a eulogy.

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