“Everything is an Angel”

23 Mar

“Everything is an Angel”

Wake up the two o’clock hoof

dance the mildew, tracking basements

field mice thaw

to love the sound of cracking bug

vertebrae down your throat

to give the quiet never frilly rested

desperado in dessert chains, charmed

found the velvet killers’ gloves

on a monster farm

where girls shine on t.v.,

their gold belts

through the silver birds

their life lines crossed with love veins

if soirées could bless the demons

the razor light

to cotton the red of barns,

strawberry apples:

I met you in a refrigerated laundromat

beside a crystal boyfriend,

as if frozen liquid

machinery cries

hands made of kitchen sinks

could cold

somebody else’s joy by blowing by

unless your dress were to fray

the letters tied to bows

the river’s sleet

bloodied to carnations

all the drunken promises flapping

to rose bodies torn fingers

everything is an angel

when hideous times

when everything is an angel

when vipers to families

the poisoned puppets’ hands

squeezing the dew

smoothed fabric to nothing

the heat of your mark

chants the skeletons foresee

nimble horns, skewed fingernails

sawn-off twilights, ripples in plaster

ghost’s voice spells shrunken heads

blamed saints,

still woven to news stories

strength to cut anew

path through life

beyond every shadow world’s

lost shoeboxes

life glows evil in thatched obelisks.

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